Sustainability Education Peers (STEP) is a student-run organization whose goal is to help Yale become a sustainable community.
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Air conditioning is not the only answer
The weather is getting warmer and soon it will be time to turn on the air conditioning. This spring and summer, use your air conditioner in a smarter way. Green building consultant Carl Seville offers up some easy ideas.


Kazakhstan sounds alarm over dying Caspian seals
Environmentalists sounded the alarm over the declining numbers of endangered seals after 35 animals were found dead over the weekend.

Biofuel – the way of the future? Carbon-neutral, and heaven knows there’s a ton of it floating around…

Sometimes, if you stop and think about how much trash individuals generate here at Yale, it’s a little mind-boggling. Recycle and carry around your own containers to make a real change in your own life!

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Plastic Free Guide

A cool straw alternative

Something new to do with ELI Exchange – make your own reusable bags using old t-shirts!

Ever wonder what this whole fracking debate is about? Get the down-low in just 2 minutes. 


Savory Winter Squash Souffle
This light and toothsome soufflé makes for a warming meal on chilly days.


How to Create a Green Roof

Learn how to insulate your roof with native plants


Lone gray wolf in California inspires conservationist push
A gray wolf known as OR-7 made California its home for 2 months, and environmental groups want the species to re-establish a foothold in the state. Before OR-7 arrived in California from Oregon in late December, no gray wolf had been known to roam in the state since the last, an old and emaciated animal, was killed in 1924.